American Farmland Trust
was a pure concept presentation that was received by text handouts with no associated visualization. An animated presentation was illustrated to make all key points in a non-threatening and visually accessible format.

T.Rowe Price Rollover Planner
is an example of how time-intensive meetings requiring the involvement of management and staff can be replaced by interactive, animated tools. Other examples in this category would include HR required education for health care benefit selections for new hires or staff changing insurance carriers. In other industries there are regulatory requirements for continuing education of HAZMAT procedures, security protocols and client service policies.

Tradeshow Presentation
displays how an animated presentation can affordably push key sales points in a movie format. This is in contrast to a 3D "fly-through" animation which is more expensive and does not address the key points that will influence a customer's buying decision. Think of animation as a television commercial. To get the best value from your marketing investment, ALL of your sales tools should emphasize the important points of decision.

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