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Eight Inks

Interface, Web, and Print Design by Kindra Singer


Eight Inks offers interactive tools for online education, interactive multimedia, effective and fast loading animations, as well as meeting and convention presentations.

Contact Eight Inks for experience in telecom, health care, human resources, financial, government contracting, and studio design environments.

Art Shop

Contact Eight Inks for original digital or traditional media, graphics, illustrations or multimedia presentations.

Upgrade your presence from static information to a business tool that will create a return on your technology investment.


Start a project with your description of the purpose and use for requested artwork. We are happy to work with folks who are starting from scratch or who may have never worked with a designer or graphic artist before.

If you know your scope of work and have source materials, style guides, and other specifications… then you are ready to go! Send whatever materials and specs are available to ~


We will reply with questions and recommendations, or if you are ready to begin then please expect a project proposal with cost and delivery schedule. If you have a particular deadline looming – expedited production is available, though we recommend that you plan on contacting us at least three weeks before any artwork is required for delivery.



Tours, convention displays, education and sales tools driving websites and kiosks.

American Farmland Trust

American Farmland Trust

was a pure concept presentation that was received by text handouts with no associated visualization. An animated presentation was illustrated to make all key points in a non-threatening and visually accessible format.

T.Rowe Price Rollover Planner

is an example of how time-intensive meetings requiring the involvement of management and staff can be replaced by interactive, animated tools. Other examples in this category would include HR required education for health care benefit selections for new hires or staff changing insurance carriers. In other industries there are regulatory requirements for continuing education of HAZMAT procedures, security protocols and client service policies.

Tradeshow Presentation

Tradeshow Presentation

displays how an animated presentation can affordably push key sales points in a movie format. This is in contrast to a 3D “fly-through” animation which is more expensive and does not address the key points that will influence a customer’s buying decision. Think of animation as a television commercial. To get the best value from your marketing investment, ALL of your sales tools should emphasize the important points of decision.


Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

~ Pablo Picasso



GUI’s for programming systems used by clients such as Bearing Point, NSF, and NOAA.

Wildlife Conservation

is a learning module delivered by “BIG CHALK” to compliment the educational programs of the Bronx Zoo. There is study content and interactive gaming to reinforce the lessons of the Congo Gorilla Forest.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

[NOAA] is programming their core database tools behind an Eight Inks graphic user interface. NOAA needed a design that includes the regulatory style elements while delivering live data. Eight Inks developed a user-friendly tool that fosters usage of their online grant system.

National Science

[NSF] was starting from scratch with a programming team and no hierarchy. Eight Inks provided the interface and content structure to deliver the database-driven content of their ePublish web tools. The project required understanding how information is organized and utilized in addition to the design task of a user-friendly interface.


Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life.

~ John Lubbock



Coordinating visual style and interactivity with existing brands or with a new campaign.

Regal Homes

did not have a URL reserved, never mind a web presence that promoted their business. Eight Inks interviewed the principals of Regal Homes, and incorporated the renderings from Architectural Art, to create an identity for Regal Homes. Print materials that continue the new brand were also developed. The Eight Inks design recommendation focused on tools to “prequalify” prospects in a way that maximizes the productivity and profitability of each sales center.

Architectural Art

was like the barefoot cobbler – a busy art studio with no time to develop its own web presence. Eight Inks stepped in to update online tools and establish continuity across all marketing and PR efforts. The new design incorporates search indexing priorities in addition to conveying that the studio delivers a breadth of both traditional and cutting edge digital media.

Settlement Room

offers online listing and transaction management tools, and provides their subscribers with the option of “co-branding” database tools. This way, the subscriber’s customers don’t know that content is driven by SettlementRoom servers, but instead see only the continuity of the subscriber website. Eight Inks interprets the brand of each SettlementRoom client and prepares a new interface for the SettlementRoom data that has continuity with the Client website.


“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”

~ Ansel Adams.

About the Artist

Kindra has created art since her earliest days. Completing the Fine Arts program at Virginia Commonwealth University solidified her as a creative professional. Kindra brings years of studio and independent design project execution to her national, corporate, institutional, and private commercial clients.

Kindra Singer,

Port Townsend, WA